Created June 18 2019.

This requires a bit of explanation:

Yes tenor trombone, slide, large bore slide / F attachment, & valve.  
USUALLY as a double
With or without another trombonist in the section
BUT only in specific musical settings: blues, rock, reggae, dixieland, New Orleans second line, etc, 
I have performed and recorded trombone from time to time since the 1990's. As a general rule: valve for reading, slide for soloing, though I do both on both as well.

On CD: Both on slide trombone 
~ Keith Handy's epic rock opera Through Forbidden Black Doors (where I also play trumpet. Solo / improvised lines and bass trombone parts)
~ Kerry Canaan's I Want You (where I also play trumpet and the horn arrangement)

This year, however, have been called for trombone more times than the last 20 years combined, and appears that it will continue after my West Side Story tour.
The groups:
The White Hots (valve trombone as a double)
David Miller and The Other Sinners (valve & slide trombones)
Soul Express (valve & slide trombones as a double)

I use larger trombone mouthpieces with thin rims and deeper cups (See gear page) with a shank adapter for the Large shank horns

After a lesson with Lynn Nicholson in Las Vegas in late 2017, the unintended benefit was being able to switch back and forth with trumpet far easier than before. 
I have yet to have good enough audio or video to post here.
For recent "rough footage", see my personal FB page

You will also find my soprano trombone audio / video as well.

With thanks to Ken Stenzel for the gift of the restored silver plated Reynolds Valve trombone
Trenton Gaspar for the loaning of his Blessing B-88 F-attachment large shank tenor trombone
Joo Lomenzo for the loaning of her Bach 36 small shank trombone