Updated June 19, 2019


Sofrito, 2019

Tim Forster - Flute
Paul Gaspar - Piano
John Viavattine, jr.  - Bass
Steve Curry - Drums
Tony Padilla - Congas

Paul Gaspar Solo Piano - Gassamania (Paul Gaspar original copyright 1985)

Paul Gaspar also performs as a jazz & salsa pianist in Upstate NY groups with the Midtown Athletic Club Jazz Quintet, and freelances as a soloist & for rhythm sections (including covering "left hand" bass parts on bass-less gigs); as well as for church & pit orchestras. Piano was actually Paul's first instrument (from age 3), and has always been an integral part of his music career, including performing an original composition (Something Under the Bed is Drooling) for alto sax & piano at his recent Eastman degree recital.

Paul Gaspar - piano, James Thompson - trumpet
Rochester, 2010 or so

Paul Gaspar, Guest artist with the University of Rochester jazz Ensemble.
Spring 2008, University Of Rochester Campus, Rochester NY


Gone But Not Forgotten
Paul Gaspar - piano, arranger
BIll Tiberio - director and alto sax
Mark Hardison - flugelhorn
Mike Sugarman - trombone
Adsam Gross - bass
Zack Brown - drums

Remaining Horns 

Tenor Saxes
Greg Rose & Margaret Casazza

Jason Brodsky (lead), Justin Boucher, Laura Holtzman, Emily

Mike Sugarman (lead) , Chris Kauffman, Cheryl Seligman, Roy Zhou

Additional personnel TBA soon

The Latin Jazz Quartet, Live at the Clarissa Room, ca 2007

There are 4 video clips on Youtube: Here are two of them:

Paul Gaspar, piano
Hector Diaz, bass
Tony Padilla, congas
Mr. Freddie Colon, timbale/drum set.