Katrina & Paul's Music 2018

Kat in miu miu

         Kat in Miu Miu® 
        the day before the recording

Katrina and recording engineer: Matt Overland

 (Noteworthy Studios, 25 March 2013)


Katrina at Noteworthy Studios 25 March 2013

                             photography by Paul Gaspar

updated May 10, 2018

Conversations have begun about performing a least one song with a local Gospel Choir and band.  Stay tuned!!!

We are STILL writing new music, have our music copyrighted, but still trying to finish production on existing records and finding out we need to do next. Input welcome - email me.

Katrina & Paul Gaspar have been a composer/arranger writing team since 1992.  Initially composing music for Paul's big band featuring Katrina as vocalist, the two began writing Gospel/jazz based music in 2003. Paul & Katrina started recording songs for their CD in 2007.  The Upstate NY acclaimed musicians abound on the liner credits, including:

Ric Robinson, Katrina Gaspar, Scott Velazquez and more
 - stay tuned!

Marvin Parker jr.
Paul McArdle

Paul Gaspar 

Danny Lomenzo, Levi Bennett

Daniel Antonetti, Jose Rodriguez

Karl Stabnau, Tyler Gauldin, Nick Brust 

Paul Gaspar, Ron D'Angelo, Jeff Ostroski, Derrick Lipp

Evan Dobbins, Nick Finzer, Erik Jacobs

Their first wide spread recognition of their combine writing talents was the CD release of JOY! Celebrate Upstate Holiday CD Vol 1, recorded at Noteworthy Studios in Victor, NY, writing the title track for the album. (Executive producer of the CD: Andrea Whitcomb.) Sample of Joy! and Paul's arrangement, as well as his piano & cornet playing can be heard at  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/celeupstate . 

ALL sections recorded live & simultaneously.  

If you'd like to invest in the recording of this CD, please contact Paul at paulvgaspar@gmail.com