^ Franck Hammond and Paul Gaspar, Billy Elliot performance, Lille, France March 2015. 
Paul is the "Godfather" and guest principal trumpet of the ORPM Orchestra there. 
Same Bach trumpet as on Welcome Page

^Paul Gaspar Jazz & Beyond, Talaveras, Rochester, NY April 12, 2012
Paul Gaspar on soprano bone (Conn from 1927) in a nasty blues duet with Benjamin Thomas on bass
Photo by Andy Calabrese, also the pianist on the gig

^Trumpet Summit, Pottsville, PA, January 1996
From Left to right:
Derrick Lipp (IV), Paul Gaspar (III), Ron D'Angelo (II), Roger Ingram (Lead)
Rehearsing Paul's transcription of Bill Chase's Swanee River.
Photographs by Trevor Neumann

Quote from Ingram during this session: "$%^&*! We should have recorded this!"

^GEAR:             for trumpet players with inquiring minds
(Right to left)    listed as Mouthpiece / Horn
Ingram:            Marcinkewicz / Yamaha (both were Bobby Shew models)
D'Angelo:         Purviance / Boosey & Hawkes
Gaspar:           Dave Hauser custom (original Paul Gaspar 1) / Mt. Vernon Bach (7 lead, M bore, 38 bell)
Lipp:                Schilke 14A4A / Benge 7X (XL bore)


Concert of Hope II featuring the Giant Gaspar Group, Rochester, NY January 2010.   
9 vocalists, 6 rhythm, 10 horns
Photos taken by Jim Delmege.  Above shots were taken at the sound check.
Katrina Gaspar
Lead vocalist/song writer/lyricist 
Paul Gaspar: 
Conductor/lead trumpet/keyboard/composer/arranger
All original music performed.
Left to right (behind music stands):  Eileen Monserrate, Karen Monserrate, Kendra Wieneke, Kimberly Collison, 
Brenna Sniatecki, Katrina Gaspar, Joo Lomenzo, Jon Parris, Ric Robinson 
Left to right: Daniel Antonetti (not in frame see bottom photo), timbales; Jose Rodriguez, congas, 
Andy Calabrese, keyboard; Danny Lomenzo, drums; Ben Thomas, bass; Paul McArdle, guitar 
Left to right: Nick Finzer, Evan Dobbins, Erik Jacobs
Left to right: Bill Straub, tenor sax; BIll Tiberio, alto sax, Karl Stabnau, bari (& tenor) sax
TRUMPETS (and flugels)
Bottom to top: Paul Gaspar, Ron D'Angelo, Jeff Ostroski, David Hart
Sound: Victor Antonetti (not in frame, see bottom photo)
Guest Speakers (Back left by podium): Ayesha Kruetz, Sue Powell, James Powell
For a complete slide show of the concert, with close up shots of all the singers & musicians, visit photographer Jim Delmege's website: 
^TROMBONES: Nick Finzer, Evan Dobbins, Erik Jacobs
SAXES: BIll Straub, Bill Tiberio, Karl Stabnau
^Left to right:
Jeff Ostroski, Ron D'Angelo, Paul Gaspar

^Victor Antonetti jr  & Daniel Antonetti


^ Circus Orchestra at the Rochester War Memorial, Rochester, NY, March 1996.
 Note the trumpet line up: top row left to right: 
Dennis Tribuzzi, Joe Pera ("The Trumpet Shop" owner), 16 year-old Trevor Neumann, Buddy Colaneri (Gene Krupa's lead player from the 1940's), Tedo D'Aurizio (face obscured). Paul Gaspar, keyboards in this shot; Ray DeSio, trombone; Fred Stone (bassist for Chet Baker & Buddy Rich);Gene Verenti, drums.  The unknown photographer paid admission just to hear the band. Trevor is now one on NYC's top trumpeters with an extensive touring, recording & performance resume. Check him out at 


^Wendell Rivera Latin Jazz Sextet,Buffalo Jazz Festival Summer 2011:
Behind the Albright Knox Gallery. Personnel left to right: 
Juancito Betancourt, drum set; Wendell Rivera, congas; 
Paul Gaspar, trumpet; Andrew Weinzler, tenor sax;  
John Curry, bass; Pat Georger, piano (not in above shot).