Prego Sings Sinatra October 28, 2017

Henry Prego (based in Las Vegas, NV) and Paul Gaspar began working together in Summer of 2012,  just prior to Paul's tour with West Side Story. 
Paul has performed with Henry across Canada, Rochester, NY as lead trumpet & soloist,
with additional performances in Milwaukee, WI, Albuquerque NM, Gulfport MS, Temecula, CA,  and on November 1, 2107 in Las Vegas

Since 2015, Paul has been Henry's touring Music Director, lead trumpet and chief arranger. 

In addition to the over 40 arrangements & adaptations Paul has written for Henry, Paul is also Henry's co-arranger ("scribe" more or less) on Henry's solo CD Wicked featuring Henry's own voice, style, original songs and arrangements, and remakes of well known pieces. Check out Henry's FB link for all of his talents. 

photograph by Katrina Gaspar at the Crowne Plaza in Milwaukee, summer 2015