Current Instruments

UPDATED September 23,
Paul Gaspar has played on Bach trumpets, cornet & mouthpieces for over 30 years, from NY & Mt. Vernon Bachs to post-strike Bachs built at the Conn-Selmer complex in Elkhart IN. 
Here is his current gear:

Bb Trumpet: XL bore 2019 Clarke Mazzio Prototype Custom, currently unlacquered (see specs below)
Bb Trumpet: ML bore 1975 Bach Strad with Mt. Vernon 72 Bell and 43 lead pipe. gold plated 
Bb Trumpet: XL bore 1993 Schilke X4, Beryllium bell, restored by Schilke August 2017 (above right photo)
Bb Cornet: M bore 1940's Mt Vernon Bach Mercury, silver plated
Flugelhorn:  2006 Conn Vintage One. rose brass bell. lacquered
Soprano Trombone: M bore 1927 Conn 17A. original lacquer
Piccolo Trumpet: Kühnl & Hoyer (Germany) piston valves. gold lacquered
Valve Trombone: Restored & silver plated Reynolds
Slide trombone: Blessing B-88 L bore F attachment


- Mazzio designed double reversed square Bach style tuning slide
- Mazzio designed nickel-copper lead pipe
- XL bore (.470) valve section
~ Carol Brass Valve Block (the rest going forward will have either Getzen or Meinlschmidt valve sections)
- Lightweight 2 piece copper bell, 5" medium flare shape, and a wireless rim, and a "choke" at the bell tail (a la Claude Gordon models)

For more info on anything, contact Clark at

Schilke 22 (vintage - gift from Tony Lujan)
Schilke 22A2D with 25 throat ("Schilke PG-0")
PG-0 made by Joe Pera. Like A Bach 0 with a very different inside, 24 throat, Schilke D backbore
PG- made by Joe Pera Hybrid of PG-0 & PG-1 with conventional medium shallow V cup, 27 throat, Bach 117 backbore. 
Bach 1 with a D cup and 117 backbore (in gold plate - "Bach PG-1"), the main mpc. cornet  & soprano trombone (custom ordered from Bach).
Denis Wick RW2 (deep V cup) for cornet
Denis Wick 2F flugel
Warbonite 3SV  / Bach 117 for piccolo trumpet (hard rubber top)
Marcinkiewicz 6ES for valve & small shank trombone
Bach 3 for large shank trombone


Vintage Ensoniq TS-12 (at-home keyboard for studio)
Vintage TS-10 (next up for restoration)