Bach Artist

UPDATED August 23, 2018

Paul has played almost exclusively on Bach brass for over 30 years.  

Bach and Conn Horns:
Bb trumpet: 1975 Bach Strad ML bore: 43 lead pipe / 72 Mt Vernon Bell, Gold plated
Bb cornet: 1940's Bach Mercury M bore, silver plated
Flugel: 2007 Conn Vintage One, copper bull, brushed lacquer
Soprano trombone: 1927 Conn 17A

Wish list:
Bach Sterling Sliver, gold plated body C trumpet 229/25H

Bach Mouthpieces:
Bach 1/117 gold plated (custom order)
Bach 1 with a D cup with a 117 back bore with thin round rim (custom order). Same for cornet in gold plate.