Trumpet Artist Clark Mazzio Custom Trumpets

November 26, 2019

Paul is playing and endorsing Clarks custom built-to order trumpets.
Paul plays The Mazzio 4 (with single tuning slide brace in all 3 photos.
The Mazzio 3, center photo, trumpet on the right with 2 tuning slide braces, is for sale by Clark.

- Mazzio designed double reversed square Bach style tuning slide
- Mazzio designed nickel-copper lead pipe
- XL bore (.470) valve section
~ Carol Brass Valve Block (the rest going forward will have either Getzen or Meinlschmidt valve sections)
- Lightweight 2 piece copper bell, 5" medium flare shape, and a wireless rim, and a "choke" at the bell tail (a la Claude Gordon models)

For more info on anything, contact Clark at

Stay tuned for MORE information!