Paul Gaspar updated August 23, 2018

Paul Gaspar
Critically Acclaimed International Trumpeter, Pianist
Composer, Arranger, Conductor
Master Class Clinician 
Bach endorsing Artist and Clinician.

West Side Story International Tour
 2012-2014 and 2017-2018  
 Principal Trumpet 

Paul Gaspar and the Big Barra Band 
(Napoli, Italy): Since 2014 
Music Director, Lead and Solo Trumpet,
Chief Composer & Arranger
See Big Barra Band Page for more.

2017 Stage 
Production of FAME 
Orchestre Règional Pèvèle Mèlontois
 Lille, France 
Composer & Arranger and lead trumpet
 for their 40-piece orchestra
See the FAME page for more

Orquesta Antonetti, Rochester, NY since 1986
Lead trumpet & arranger for
their 15-piece salsa orchestra

Henry Prego Sings Frank Sinatra
(National & Canadian tours):
Music Director/ Lead Trumpet;
Chief Arranger 

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for past video clips and daily music posts

Photo by photography artist 
Dranginis Vytautas
Vilnius, Lithuania